Ten or More Years Ago

by Tim Jenkins

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A collection of heartbreak songs recorded alone in my apartment from around 1999 to 2001. Not much attention to recording quality as they were just demo recordings. One to two mics sitting on the couch in the kitchen. Generally recorded minutes after they were finished.


released August 20, 2011



all rights reserved


Tim Jenkins Waco, Texas

Tim Jenkins
Silvershoes, Pluto's Day, Quiet Lovely, Wes Cunningham, Mark McNeil, Saigot......

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Track Name: Letters to Myself
What kind of reply to, "You mean the world to me" is "I would love to be alone"?
Sometimes in strangers' eyes I search for the sincerity that I so rarely get from you.
You have to mend this from the inside out
but with no assistance.
You are loved genuinly,
but only you can help you.
There's somethin' to be said for solitude
and pretty is as pretty does.
That doesn't have to mean a thing to you.
I'm reminding myself so that, when you're around, I'll remember.
Track Name: Painting Pictures
I wish you were someone else with a better life.
I wish we could start over with better lighting.
But you got caught up in a puzzle
With a thousand pieces.
It's so much trouble that you don't deserve.

Well, that's really somethin' else.
So that's your life.
I wish I could write this song and say it right.
But surely words cant' paint a picture
Of her and how she crossed her fingers
All the time.

We went overboard just a little, but we can't help it.
The greatest things in life are so little
That we overlook them
Until we have to live without.
Then it's them we long for.
I'll bet you're really longing for them now.
Track Name: Colors
Are you tired?
Yeah, me too.
You're all grown up now.
Look at you.
Time is flyin' by like the cars down Franklin Avenue.
You're an angel.
Good night.
Sweet dreams.
Yeah, I love you too.
When I was younger, it was fun to make up reasons why the sky is blue.
Then she says, "What's blue to you, to me might look like amber."
And I completely understand her point of view.
Track Name: Coming to Life
Glancin' down on Arizona
She has clearly raised herself to have the kindest heart that's ever been so close to mine
I a desert to her mountain top
But now I climb
I lend my ear to somethin' real and I come alive
Track Name: Upon An Ending
I gave you a warning, and I meant it.
I wrote you a letter, but I didn't send it.
Well, that's enough.
I'm lookin' you up,
but I don't wanna promise anything.
I'm glad things are changin', but I'll miss it.
I'm absolutely sure that I won't regret it.
Well, that's enough.
I'm changin' things up
'cause I know nothin' in this life is guaranteed.
Track Name: Just the Obvious Gentleman
Every time I put my foot down
Somethin' lets you know that
there's never any quiet here
and nothin' sounds brand new
to an obvious gentleman
with a song and dance show.
If you think that's all there is to me
then that's all you'll ever know.
It's sad to think you'll never know
the adventurous child in me
that I hardly know...
But I would love to.
Track Name: Spilling Style and Grace
When I see the light collecting
Amber pendant swing
Around your neck
I recollect
The flight to California for the
Crucible of doubt
I'm glancing down
And lookin' out
For hidden meaning
In between
The thoughts of you and the ground
As if it's floating around
I love to come back down
To you
Track Name: Balcony Seats
We are all like that
At the theatre I can see it
With the trusting spirit of a child
Still innocent

If I just ride the wave and celebrate it
The bricked door makes it seem less complicated
I'm sure it's bursting at it seams with complications
But I think I'll keep on riding in this parade

You are still just like that
The picture with your lost hat
Captured all the spirit of a child
Still innocent

Drawn by a sense of wonder into nothing
That's a dead end
I am slowly turning
Away from everything that's green with complication
But all bright parades have a beginning and an end
Track Name: Hits of Light
Hits of light from new crystal earrings
Sweet delights
The light falls like soft rain
What a night
It was such a day for running
That's so right
In my life this place has hardly changed
The first time we looked through this picture album
I thought it strange that you remembered such little things
This may be the last time we look throught this album
Won't you point out all the things that I've been missing
Because I'm building my own album of memories
To take with me
Track Name: Black and White with Color
I'm playin' black and white with color
Recalling some forgotten melody
We finally got it right
Now let's get better
Right now...how I'd love to hear you sing

I'll use my head when this is over
But I want this moment to be a surprise
As it gets late, the room gets colder
I'm too alone to close my eyes

I knew that things would get much better
As all things do with time
But no one these days sends a letter
I should send you one to say, "I'm fine."
Cause right now how I'd love to hear you sing
I'm too alone to close my eyes
Track Name: The Truth
"A strong wind would blow you away, boy."
Like sympathy only in the confines of company
Stumbled from a breath of life
Into the crushing arms of the Lord
With faith in the reality of bitter winds
And the will to pick yourself up
Their ghosts don't speak to me

As soon as histories are told in truth
There will be no more need for romance or priests
Their work is done
And all truths wait in all things

It's not much
But it's something
To roll around in your thoughts
Tell the truth
Track Name: Blank Canvas Town
Am I sorry?
No, I'm not.
I'm smart enough to realize what I gained from this,
the saddest story that I've got
to tell so far.
You know, I'd love to miss
this blank canvas town

Don't think you can count on me.
I doubt it.
It's just too tiring.

Everything is a victim of circumstance
and there's no controlling endless variables.
If there is no reason,
then there is no chance
for this blank canvas town.

Don't think you can count on me.
I doubt it.
It's just too tiring.
Track Name: Song of My Church
Now fall in love with the day
All that's left when memories fade
Filmstrip frames of life
and what is made of them
as they flash by