Songs of Encouragement

by Tim Jenkins

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Experimental phase in my twenties. Missed the encouragement mark in most ways. Oh well.


released January 1, 2005



all rights reserved


Tim Jenkins Waco, Texas

Tim Jenkins
Silvershoes, Pluto's Day, Quiet Lovely, Wes Cunningham, Mark McNeil, Saigot......

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Track Name: An Oak That Shades a Man
Silence, Me, and old trees
I miss it but I know
I'm goin' back home again
Maybe only as an oak
That shades a man who's tired and broken
As long as I can comfort someone occassinally
The way the world has comforted me
Track Name: Such Will
Come on body
Sit up straight
Concentrate on one thing at a time
Find one thing to do and do it right
For the punishment the heart and mind owe the body some will

I have such will in me so

Come on my friends
Chins up high
Remember the times that we daydreamed
This near reality
For the sake of completion
Exercise some will

I have such will in me
It just needs exercise
Track Name: No Worries
What can I get with an hour's pay
And what would I rather do with my day
You're right, we're caught up in whirlwinds
Just tryin to keep up

But I laugh at the things that
Get in my way
There's no end to anything
Just walls to climb over daily

I will not worry
I will never worry again
No worries
I will not do that
I will never worry again
I will not do that
Track Name: Hope
It's sad that
Over again
Some of us must
Repeat the mistakes of the past
I don't envy you
I just feel bad
But I'm hopeful
Track Name: Comforts and Pleasures
The best seat
In this place
Is next to you
Where comforts and pleasures
Aren't so few
Track Name: Welcome Adison
Welcome to this beautiful world
When first you opened your eyes
I'd love to hear described
Your visions and delights
I wish I too knew nothing but
A breath of air
A kiss from God
Kindness and tolerance
Compassion and understanding
Welcome Adison
Track Name: Song of My Church
No fall in love with the day
All that's left when memories fade
Filmstrip frames of life
and what is made of them
as they flash by
Track Name: Half-full
Shackled to the sleeve of a white collared shirt
Everything about your composure cries
My back just hurts. Oh, Lord!
But thank you for this life
I know that
If you never struggle, you may never learn the difference between the things you have and the things you've earned
If you never suffered, then comforts would be nothings.